The Desert Sun
July 5, 2006 by Henry Fenwick

Lured in by cooking class on making fish

When Chef Tony Thomas suggested I join one of his cooking classes, I was intrigued; when I saw that he had a class on cooking fish, I was - appropriately enough - hooked.
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The Desert Sun
June 19, 2006 by Ferdie De Vega

Growing your business,
Chef takes cooking to a higher level Hands-on approach drives Thomas

Nearly three years after starting Thomas Culinary Services, owner Tony Thomas has expanded his Palm Springs-based business. Thomas, a personal chef, began with personal cooking services, but soon added in-home cooking classes and dinner-party preparation.
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Palm Springs Life
November 2004 by Janice Kleinschmidt

Stir it Up
Entertain and educate your guests in the kitchen with help from Chef Tony Thomas.

Standing at his host’s front door holding a knife and accompanied by two knife-wielding companions, Bob Thomas remarks on the oddity of the situation.
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The Desert Sun
August 30, 2004 by Jonathan D. Colburn

Valley chef is prepared to serve

PALM SPRINGS -- At first glance, a chef who doesn’t want to own his own restaurant may seem like a pilot who is afraid of heights, but Tony Thomas eschewed the notion that chefs have to spend 12 hours a day on their feet and have their fortunes rest on a wait staff showing up on time.
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